Anjappar comes to Hyderabad

Malgudi is no longer the lone Chettinadu destination in Hyderabad – Anjappar is here.

Vidya had seen the lights that announced the opening, and when we were thinking of where to have dinner tonight, it was a really easy choice.

The restaurant is still in the final stages of set up – the glass doors and partitions are still covered with newspaper. But that seems to be the only thing not ready – everything else was perfect. The service was impeccable, the wait staff was attentive and seemed to be well-trained.

Which brings us to the food. I had a Ceylon Keema Parota (a thin crusted paratha stuffed with minced and spiced mutton), Mutton Sukka Varuval (dry fried mutton) and a plain dosa. Vidya had an Egg Kothu parota, a plate of set dosa and a plain dosa. Chettinadu food is usually spicy, but they seemed to have taken it up a couple of notches here, given the spice-tolerance of the Hyderabadis. If you get past the spice levels, the food is really tasty. 

Overall, we had a good dining experience, and hope to go back there soon.


Anjappar is located in Dwarkapuri Colony, in the lane opposite Hyderabad Central. The address is:
6-3-456/23, Dwarakapuri Colony, Panjagutta, Hyderabad 500002
Tel.: 66101077 / 88

6 thoughts to “Anjappar comes to Hyderabad”

  1. This is good news. Really. I won’t have to go to Chennai every time I feel like having egg kotthu parotta, one of my favs. Where’s it located, though? Couldn’t find details on their site either.

  2. i had my lunch at anjappar a couple of days back. I am not really impressed by the taste of the food but the prices and other aesthetics were too good when compared to many so-called-classy restaurants…let me try some other stuff there and get back to you. keep posting

  3. Its very good news. i am trying to go since when i saw the news on hyderabad times. But today only i got time to go there. i will come back after the experience there.

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