Blogging from my mobile

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How much longer will I take to finally start blogging from my phone? A question that will probably never be answered satisfactorily – just like the one that asks when I will start blogging regularly.

This device is a definite improvement over the piddly 6600 I had before this. Windows and Word also really help – especially the really cool auto-complete feature. Some time ago, I made up my mind not to blog about blogging, but becoming mobile and retaining the ability to blog seems to be worth breaking that resolution.

A word about the device. This is an I-mate JAQ, a newish, ultra low-priced Windows mobile that seems to be everything I wanted from a mobile blogging device. I’ve been having this for a couple of weeks now, but this is the first time I’m actually writing anything more than a few words on it.

Browsing on this is another joy, and Opera mobile is way ahead of IE, which works but seems to severely limited, and Mozilla, which doesn’t work at all.

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