Came across BlogCamp, and was wondering whether I should go. Then I discovered Syed, and then there was no choice, I simply had to be there! bills itself as India’s Biggest and the most comprehensive blog event and is intended to be an unconference on all things blogging. What is really exciting is that this is going to be in Chennai – so I can be in it without going to too much trouble 🙂 It will be on at the Tidel Park on the 9th and 10th of September – go and register if you want to be there.

Since I have already registered, and am racking my brain for something intelligent to say there, I shall take the liberty of putting the following badge in my post. Once I actually come up with a topic, and decide what to say, I’ll put this in my sidebar.

Also, like the Blogathon Page, I’ll have a separate page to list all the posts I make about it. Hopefully, my liveblogging from the BlogCamp can also go on this page.

That’s it for now – off to do some more racking of the brain!

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