26 Places I’ve Visited, and a Crazy Challenge

I spend my days in a blissful haze, balancing the various things I am interested in with certain things I have to do. What this has done is resulted in me writing just that little bit more. However, as with all things you obsess about, what’s the fun if you do not go completely crazy and take up a challenge you know you are almost a hundred percent sure that you will fail?

Which is why I’ve jumped in head first into something called an A to Z Challenge – the idea is to write every day continuously for a month. Like all of these challenges, there are a few rules, one of which is to take a different letter of the alphabet and write each day’s blog post with a topic beginning with that letter. Another rule is that there must be a theme. Or not – it’s really up to you, but the A to Z thing is non-negotiable – after all, it is in the damn name of the challenge!

2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge
2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Here are a couple of badges for the challenge – I did not make them, just got them from here.

One more rule is that you have to be social – read others’ work in the challenge, let others read your stuff, and share and generally be all nice and friendly. I can do that, though how much of it I can do on my blog remains to be seen.
Another rule is that I have to write this blog post, explaining away what has the potential to be seen as a sudden descent into insanity when I start writing a post a day. It also serves the purpose of being a “theme reveal,” a declaration of intent, so to speak.

On that note, you might have noticed how I cleverly sneaked in something in the title to this post – 26 places I have visited. This is my way of stacking the odds in my favor – I have definitely visited 26 places, and can remember most of them. If not, I’m sure dredging my history in Google Maps will help. Since my theme is just “26 Places I have Visited” – I have technically succeeded even if I just mention one place every day and I’ll be fine. However, in the true spirit of the challenge (!), I will endeavor to write an account of my impressions of the places I’ve visited, and maybe even include a photograph or two I may have shot there.

So there – obligation fulfilled, and blog post done.

Oh, just so you know what I’m on about, here’s the link to the challenge, hosted by the fine folks at BlogChatter (I know, terrible!).

Here are a couple more folks doing the challenge about travel – Shilpa over at A Rose is a Rose is a Rose and relishingrascal.

And finally, here’s November’s Child, who introduced me to all this madness!


Okay – I figured there are a bunch of other folks who are doing travel-related stuff as well, so here’s a list I’m going to keep updating (really!).






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  1. Sounds like a topic you’ll write passionately about! I’ll be sure to check back. Thanks also for collecting the bloggers with a travel theme (and including me), I was just about to go through the list but this saved me time ? happy blogging!

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