A swordswoman at the Airvateswara temple in Darasuram

Darasuram – a Temple and a Weaver

Darasuram – one time part of the capital of the mighty Chola empire – is home to the imposing and living Airavateswara temple, categorized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. After being on our wish list for a decade and a half, it finally got ticked off last January. Here’s an account of the trip, as well as a bunch of pictures. Bonus: a quick visit to a silk weaver’s workshop-home!

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Part of a Billion

Last week, a census taker visited us, and for the first time, included us in the National Census of India. The only previous memory of being included in the census was in the 1981 census, when I was staying with my grandparents in Bangalore for the summer holidays. My grandmother was sitting on the stone […]

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