IIPM and the Blogosphere

Finally, I get off my backside and write about the ongoing plastering IIPM is getting from the Blogosphere. I was about to write war, but it hardly seems that, does it? The blogosphere is consistently proving itself one step ahead of IIPM, but what one fears is the establishment, which has not proved itself very tech-savvy in the past.

So much has been written on this that anything I say will be mere repetition. Kaps’ read more

Bangalore Blues

Okay, now that Bangalore doesn’t have any infrastructure problems (so stop whining you IT guys), here’s what they seem to be doing to prove that nothing (or in this case, nowhere) can be perfect.

Yesterday, Vidya forwarded me this email, and today, Magesh did. So, I got off my butt and dug around, found Nimish’s email and mailed him asking whether this was real. While he still hasn’t replied, Vidya sent me a link from the Deccan Herald, where this has been reported.


I read more

Eclipse eclipsed

Waited for the eclipse in all readiness to photograph it. The sky was so cloudy that the sun appeared but momentarily during the eclipse. Result: no photographs of the eclipse.