Flux and uncertainity certainly do not seem to aid writing! Such has been my state in the past few weeks, and a result, Blogocenticity has remained unupdated.

 I was about to write that the past few weeks were interesting, as in the ancient Chinese proverb, but it seems that it is not ancient, not Chinese and not a proverb! Be that as it may, life has definitely been interesting.

On one front, a long-developing saga took me here, there and everywhere, and just when it seemed that the dragon read more

Game 6 – Food Plan!

Okay, after seeing Cricket win Game 5, i have been galvanized into action. The fact that this one has to do with food has nothing to do with the galvanizing. Really!

It’s a quarter to one in the morning – so any food plans are only what I’m going to have till daybreak. I just finished off half a donut that Vidya had left from last night. I have rice and curds – usually considered a sedative by many, but somehow equivalent to coffee for me!

I also have a stock of Lays and read more

WordPress 2.0.4

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4

The upgrade went smoothly. What didn’t go smoothly was my timing, as I’ve slipped up a bit with my schedule – it’s been way more than half an hour since my previous post.

Oh well, may be I’ll make up for it somehow.

Preparing for the Blogathon

The start of the Blogathon is now less than 24 hours away. It will be starting at 6:30 pm IST tomorrow. 48 posts in 24 straight hours. Wonder how that’ll turn out!

The past few days, I’ve been thinking of stuff to write about, though I’ve not actually jotted down any points. After thinking long and hard about it I decided not to tie myself up by giving my first Blogathon attempt any theme. Instead, I thought I’d write as many different things as possible – hopefully, read more

Pics of Chicks!

Heh heh!

Finally, I get to post pics of chicks on my blog. Just my luck – I get a chance to get some fantastic close ups of the two chicks who have been camping out on my balcony for the past few days, and then I realise that Magesh has borrowed my camera. So I have to make do with my pathetic little camera phone. Doesn’t matter, think I, I shall make the most of this opportunity. I go up to them and start clicking – they flinch a little at first, but are comfortable after that. read more

The Fifth Exam Syndrome

Vidya has been working towards a deadline for the past couple of days, and this morning she was all keyed up as everything would be over. Over breakfast, I was telling her that things would go smoothly, and that she would be at her best today. This was the Fifth Exam Syndrome.

The fifth exam was the last exam, often preceded by about a week of sleepless nights. The fifth exam was the one before which one slept the least – not from studying too much, but from fear that one would not wake up read more


I have been “unblogged” for the past few days. A quick post to break the impasse.

I got 149 spam comments today – looks like I was not alone!

Stumbled across Mailinator, an interesting way to beat spammers!

Unique wildlife has evolved on many Pacific Islands, and there is a drive to preserve them – which seems to be against the very change that drove them to evolve into what they are. More thoughts in this vein when I have the time to give them shape.

People spending a bomb read more