How to make a secure password

How strong is your password

Having a secure password is kind of de rigueur nowadays, what with our entire lives being online and all that.

Here’s a technique that will not only allow you to create a unique password for every service that you use, but also guarantees you will never forget a single one of them.

Of Facebook and free time

The question everyone asks me when they see me nowadays is, “So, what are you up to?”

It looks like all I do now is run into people I haven’t had a decent chat with in a long time. Even at work, where it is so easy to grab breakfast or lunch with anyone. Of course, the first casualty of a full schedule is my blog, and I have been really ignoring it.

In the midst of the sweeping change that brought about this state of affairs, I recreated my Facebook profile, and found that the read more

Wired – at last!

The 25th of March will no longer be known as an ordinary day, but as the day the hamlet of Hafeezpet declared in one voice, “We will not remain quietly in the dark! We will not remain unwired for long! We are going online! We have Internet!

Heh heh – just couldn’t resist that!

Finally, almost four months after moving to Hafeezpet, I have internet. Granted, it is just cable, and from an unheard of ISP (called Teja network I think), but it is still better than no internet at all. read more