Temple of the Pig

When we were in Coimbatore recently, we drove past where the Pannikoil, or the Temple of the Pig, flourished for a brief period. Here is the story of the unlikely prophetess.

This happened sometime between 1982 and 1986 – these were the years we spent in a house on VNK Thevar Street in the Ramanathapuram area in Coimbatore. If you come down Nanjundapuram Road from the Ramanathapuram junction, just after you pass Amsa the fishmonger’s shop, a left turn takes you past a Murugan temple read more

Chew on this!

I seem to have found an unlikely muse in Vijay – this is the second time I’m posting in two days inspired by something I saw on his blog!

It was 1999 and Sriram and I were in Coimbatore. Sriram had just got his teeth fixed, and had been warned by the dentist that he should not use the molars on the right side to chew anything.

Book-shopping Again!

When I was at school in Coimbatore, I was a member of what must have been one of the first really successful lending libraries in the town – Choose and Read. It used to be owned and run by a chap called Noorul Ameen, who used to smilingly tolerate the incredibly long time