46 Places to Eat in Bangalore

Cocktails at Karavalli

I had to have five lunches by myself in Bangalore, and I reached out to my friends on social media for help. The result is a crowd-sourced list of 46 places to eat in Bangalore with recommendations. I have also written short notes about the places I ate at.

A Heritage Walk near the Charminar

I take a group of bloggers on a heritage walk around the Charminar. We discover a bunch of stuff about the iconic Charminar and its heritage, as well as some yummy food, the chef's ancient but still-working communications system, and of course, lots of stories!

How I got my Cabooter Jolly On!

A file photo of a beady-eyed bird getting ready to infiltrate a human dwelling

Under attack by villainous winged vermin, and thwarted at every turn, I have to dig deep into my fighting reserves to face the flying scum that desecrate all that we hold dear. Do I rise to the occasion? Or to the birds have the last cackle? Find out this and more in this thrilling post! Oh, and tell your friends to find out too!

A Hell of a Tale

A chance misreading of a letter sets in motion a long rambling account of what happens in my mind when faced with an unexplainable phenomenon. Also a bit of fun about living in the age of STD booths and inland letter cards.

A Sehri Walk in Charminar

A night out in Charminar during the month of Ramadan is an adventure straight out of the Thousand and One Nights. Let me play Sheherazade as I get pushed, prodded, blinded and deafened - all for your benefit so that I might bring you another of my delightful comedic pieces.